Our holistic approach is a comprehensive campaign against the pollution of our rivers and waters to prevent marine litter from occurring in the first place.

Boat operator directs Garbage Boat while Cleanup Mission in Romania
River System in City that shows where everwave solutions can be implemented

We stop waste before it reaches the sea.

Thanks to their structure, our waste collection boats can navigate
through smaller canals and river arms.

If there are no natural barriers,
we create them ourselves.
Garbage collection boat

Fully loaded: our waste collection boats
take out everything that doesn't belong.

Whether through a TV report, community cleanup or panel talks:
We publicize the waste problem.

The collected waste is returned to the cycle:
Recycling and thermal utilization.
Data collection

That is accompanied by drones in the sky:
They provide valuable insights.


Our approach is multi-layered: we tackle the global waste problem from all sides. Our focus is on preventing plastic and waste from entering our oceans, especially through rivers. Our strategy includes waste collection with smart technologies, innovative research and awareness work. In this way, we ensure a holistic and effective commitment to a clean future.

Holistic approach for a better future

Drone detects waste on river


An important step: recognizing waste in the environment. In collaboration with the German Institute for Artificial Intelligence, we use artificial intelligence to effectively locate and analyze waste in water. This crucial step not only serves to identify sources of contamination, but also provides information for the use of cleaning measures.


Our innovative CollectiX waste collection boats carry out our cleanup missions. Often supplemented by barriers! They are designed to efficiently collect waste from rivers and ensure that it does not end up in the oceans. Their ability to navigate different waterways makes them an indispensable part of our global clean-up operations.


After collection, the waste undergoes a recycling process. Our aim is to reintegrate as much of the collected material back into the cycle as possible under local conditions. By working with local recycling facilities, we strive to process and reduce waste in an environmentally friendly way.


We create awareness for the protection of water bodies and the environment from plastic and other harmful waste through events, community engagement and public communication. Because only when the global waste problem becomes visible will it be solved by everyone together.


Detecting plastic waste in the environment is an important step in the targeted and efficient use of our technologies. Together with the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence, we are part of the PlasticObs+ research project, which is funded by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Nuclear Safety and Consumer Protection.

In addition, Bertrand Piccard’s Solar Impulse Foundation has awarded our CollectiX waste collection ship the Solar Impulse Efficient Solutions Label. This makes us one of 1,000 solutions to environmental problems!

Google’s Startups for Sustainable Development program supports a global ecosystem of startups that are making a difference every day, and we’re a part of it!

Research for holistic change:

Drone detects waste on river
PlasticObs+ Logo

PlasticObs+ uses artificial intelligence for the benefit of people and the environment by recording water pollution, reducing it based on the information collected and preventing it in the long term. The measuring system developed can be easily integrated into routine flight inspections (oil monitoring, marine and environmental monitoring, coastal protection). This will make it possible for the first time to profitably expand the range of tasks of these missions and corresponding remote sensing projects worldwide. PlasticObs+ will thus serve as a global model for how innovative AI technologies and intelligent sensor technology can contribute to environmental protection.

pile of sorted compacted plastic waste
Mix-Up Logo

Tons of plastic waste are produced every year. The result: valuable resources are lost and our environment is polluted with waste that ends up in the water and in the landscape. In addition, new materials, such as crude oil, are used for each newly manufactured product, which is even more harmful to the environment. MIX-UP offers a solution: bacteria are used that can use the plastic waste to biologically convert it into new components. These new components are used as building blocks for the synthesis of novel bioplastics. Organic upcycling, clever!

Boat collects waste on river bed on Mekong river in Cambodia

Why rivers?

Rivers are lifelines of our planet that have attracted people for centuries. As a result, they are heavily polluted and become the main transport routes for waste into our oceans.

To protect our oceans more efficiently, our work starts one step earlier – in rivers:

Our CollectiX boats are adapted to the operating conditions in rivers. The collected waste can be immediately secured, dried, sorted and thus prepared for the next recycling steps thanks to its proximity to the shore. The proximity to the land is also an advantage, as it facilitates the transportation of waste and general recycling logistics.

Taking responsibility together now

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