1 € = 1 kg of waste

With your company, you are taking a stand against the pollution of our rivers and oceans. Collect waste easily and simply with everwave and actively protect the environment.

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Garbage in your
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Sounds crazy! But with everwave, your company can quickly and easily do something for the environment. We travel the world with our waste collection boats and set up long-term cleanup projects. And you can become part of the wave:

🌊 1 euro collects 1 kilo of waste – easy to understand!

🌊 Your company becomes a Cleanup Hero – stand out!

🌊 Joint environmental protection – full impact!

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Your Reward

You collect garbage with us and receive a certificate confirming exactly where we have collected your garbage. This way you can find out transparently how your corporate social responsibility was practiced! We can only create a clean future together.
Are you joining us and becoming part of our wave of change?

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Is your company considering becoming a long-term partner of everwave? Does your company still have questions about how exactly a cooperation with us works? No problem. Write to us at cooperations@everwave.de or use our contact form.

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No greenwashing -but true impact

We use our garbage collection boats to prevent waste from entering the oceans. Artificial intelligence supports the cleanup missions to detect and analyze waste. The collected material is then recycled using environmentally friendly processes, and we also raise public awareness of the most significant environmental problem: waste pollution. We organize long-term, holistic cleanup projects in countries such as Serbia, Thailand, and Cambodia, where we ensure clean waters.

Taking more responsibility

One step further: Together with us, companies can take responsibility for plastic and waste in a transparent way, e.g. through strategic partnerships. Whether visible boat sponsor, technological exchange or strategic cooperation: a partnership with everwave makes it possible to turn corporate social responsibility (CSR) into reality.

Insights -
Plastic Credits

It is important for us to generate sustainable added value in the countries where we operate. We show transparently and comprehensibly what we mean when we talk about 1€ = 1kg of waste.

Use cases -
How our partners work with us

Have created the Ocean tariff by MAX Energy. Customers can opt for the more sustainable tariff, where waste is collected per month, per person.

"BNP cycles": Encourage employees to cycle to work over a certain period of time. Depending on the milestone reached, a certain amount of Plastic Credits is earned.

Regularly collect garbage by staying overnight at POHA House. Every overnight stay in one of their houses collects 1 kg of garbage.

Compensation: Take out the same amount of waste as you put plastic on the market.

More about cooperation and Plastic CreditS

To be honest: we didn’t come up with the term Plastic Credit. But in the cleanup industry, this is now the term for what we do. Very important: we don’t just collect plastic, of course, but everything that doesn’t belong in the water. Among the collected waste we also find refrigerators, textiles and car tires. Before recycling, we naturally separate and sort all materials and feed them into different channels. One plastic credit is therefore 1 kilo of waste. Organic materials (wood, plants) are sorted out beforehand and are not included in the calculation!

The holistic approach is important to us, which is why, in addition to active waste collection, this one euro also goes towards recycling, building infrastructure and inspiring individuals, politics and business.

We give a very precise value, namely 1 kg of waste = 1 euro net. Not only do we comply with this value, we also adhere to it 100%. Companies receive a detailed report from us on where their money has been spent (on which cleanups and on which rivers). In addition, external monitors (e.g. Cleanhub) check in the respective projects that we have really collected this waste.

We would like to make it clear: Greenwashing is not an option for us. A sustainable economy is the future and anyone who does something about environmental pollution is already one step ahead of anyone who doesn’t yet. Customers are also increasingly paying attention to sustainability in their purchasing decisions. Following this path as a company is therefore the logical consequence. Supporting the environment through the purchase of everwave Plastic Credits serves as an additional opportunity for companies to fulfill their environmental and social responsibility – verified and certified. We communicate clear figures (1€ = 1kg) and transparent procedures and processes.

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