Become part of the wave that saves our seas

With our technology and your help, we protect the oceans from plastic waste.

Every year more than 11 million tons of plastic end up in the oceans. This not only has devastating effects on life underwater, but on the entire environment, the economy and ultimately on all of us. We humans created the problem – but we will solve it too!

Awards for our work

  • everwave wurde mit dem BWK Umweltpreis ausgezeichnet.
  • everwave wurde mit dem BWK Umweltpreis ausgezeichnet.
  • everwave wurde mit dem GreenTec Award ausgezeichnet
  • everwave wurde mit dem Titel Future Impact Maker ausgezeichnet.
  • everwave wurde
  • everwave wurde mit dem emotion Award 2018 ausgezeichnet.

Economy, watch out!

  • Take responsibility
  • Be a waste-neutral pioneer
  • Sustainable and certified management

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Our vision

A responsible society for healthy oceans.

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Our mission

To clean rivers and protect the sea from plastic waste through technological innovation and ecological inspiration towards a sustainable future!

Holistic approach

Plastic litter in the oceans is a collective problem that requires collective solutions .

Technological innovation

In our mission, we rely on a combination of active and passive clean-up technologies for rivers, through which we prevent litter from entering the oceans. Due to their functional architecture, the floating platforms continuously pick up and store rubbish drifting with the current.

Our flexible and AI-supported garbage collection boats are able to purify garbage hotspots in a larger area – even in hard-to-reach places. The waste is then recycled and processed into new products using mechanical, thermo-chemical and biotechnological processes.

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Ecological inspiration

We make our existential dependency, but also the inestimable value of the oceans tangible, and show ways in which sustainable action can be achieved in everyday life. An important component is environmental education, because our younger generations determine the future.

Together with us you will sharpen your awareness of the problem of plastic pollution and environmental protection. Get the wave rolling with us.

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Awarded solutions

Bertrand Piccard’s Solar Impulse Foundation has both our HiveX river platform as well as our CollectiX garbage collection boat awarded with the Solar Impulse Efficient Solutions Label. This makes us one of 1,000 solutions to environmental problems. We are honored and proud!

Our partners

We pride ourselves on outstanding partners who support us on our mission.


Join Our Mission

Every euro helps

Even the most powerful surf started out as a single wave: every small donation helps us achieve great things in the long term.

As a member, you can achieve a lot

Those who protect the sea also protect people: help us to make a measurable contribution to a sustainable future.

A like is also a support

Raising public awareness is a central component of our work: every Like creates more awareness for our mission.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

With our work, we are committed to the political objectives of the United Nations, which are intended to ensure sustainable development on an economic, social and ecological level worldwide.

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Sustainability has to start in our heads

This applies to children but also to adults. With our expertise and our own set goals, we want to make a strong contribution to this.

With projects such as our “EmergenSeaKit” environmental kit, workshops and lectures. We are sure that when you learn to love something, you protect it.

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We will be where we are needed

In the future, our platforms and rubbish collection boats will be used all over the world. Often the greatest pollution occurs in very poor regions. Therefore, in addition to efficient waste disposal technology, the creation of new jobs on site is crucial for us.

Only then will we achieve the necessary acceptance in the population and a profound awareness. Our goal is to close the loop in the regions and to enable access to markets.

künstliche intelligenz everwave

Plastic is not a bad material for us …

… In most cases it is just used incorrectly. Disposable cups and plastic bags are avoidable, for us as consumers but also for companies.

We want to find ways to sensibly recycle this important plastic and return it to a cycle that is environmentally friendly. To do this, we have to talk to everyone, the buyers as well as the big producers.

Clean Up

Climate protection is important to us, it is part of our mission

During the production of plastic, CO2 is released and it enters the atmosphere. The CO2 emissions contribute to global warming – and to the rise in temperature in the oceans.

The ocean of the future will be warmer and more acidic, with serious implications for coral reefs, biodiversity and the marine food chain. With our new orientation, we want to counteract this early on: through technical solutions and strengthening awareness of the problem.


Leben unter Wasser…

…ist das Kernelement unserer Arbeit. Geht es unseren Meeren schlecht, trifft das uns alle. Tiere, Pflanzen aber auch direkt uns Menschen.

Deshalb haben wir es uns zu Aufgabe gemacht, Flüsse und Ozeane von der Plastikverschmutzung zu befreien – effizient, sinnvoll und nachhaltig. Denn wir alle profitieren von sauberen Ozeanen, gesundheitlich und wirtschaftlich.

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“Be part of the solution”

This principle has accompanied us for many years. It’s firmly anchored in our DNA. Global plastic pollution is a global and complex problem that we can only solve together. It is all the more important to share the existing knowledge and to complement one another.

We don’t have to know everything ourselves, we just have to know who knows. We are proud to already have some big partners by our side and will steadily expand our strong network in order to declare war on plastic waste in the environment.


Every donation helps!

We are all in the same boat – we will only solve global marine pollution together.

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