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Together with us, companies can take responsibility for plastic and waste transparently. Together, we will ensure a clean future.

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Exchange of technological cleanup know-how! Together, we are expanding our cleanups.


CollectiX -

One of our waste collection boats is out and about on your behalf. This is how you ensure the long-term nature of our assignments!



You are a voice for the environment and inspire thousands of people to solve the global waste problem.



We are thinking beyond the current project status. What else can we do to protect our rivers and oceans from pollution?

No Greenwashing –
Real Impact

We use our garbage collection boats to prevent waste from entering the oceans. Artificial intelligence supports the cleanup missions to detect and analyze waste. The collected material is then recycled using environmentally friendly processes, and we also raise public awareness of the most significant environmental problem: waste pollution. We organize long-term, holistic cleanup projects in countries such as Serbia, Thailand, and Cambodia, where we ensure clean waters.

Use cases -
How our partners work with us

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Mastercard "priceless" Mastercard finances the waste collection boat and thus helps us to implement projects in Europe.

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Garbage collection boat by Landmarken: Landmarken AG finances the CollectiX boat and our barriers at our site in Cambodia.

Through the monthly support linked to the Ocean tariff, Octopus allows customers to participate directly in projects. At the same time, they create awareness in their community about the global waste problem.

Through the partnership, Motan finances equipment such as conveyor belts at the sorting facility in Phnom Penh, making a major contribution to its success.

...Or buy Plastic Credits?

In addition to our long-term partnerships, we also offer Plastic Credits via our store.
With everwave, your company can collect 1 kg of waste from the water for €1. Together we can ensure a healthy environment, a systemic change in the global waste problem and happier fish.

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