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The strength of everwave lies in the diversity and commitment of our team. Environmentalists, engineers, biologists, economists, and many more share a common commitment to protecting our planet’s waters.


At everwave, collaboration is at the heart of our work. Every team member plays an irreplaceable role in our mission, from the clean agents who remove waste from our waters to the project managers who coordinate our operations. Our teams, whether in Germany, Cambodia, Thailand or the Balkans, are united by a common goal: to protect our planet’s precious waters and rivers.

In our organization, no role is too small and every effort is important.

We know that fair wages are not just about remuneration, but also about respect and recognizing the value that each team member brings to the table. That is why we are committed to paying all our employees fair and equitable wages in recognition of their work and commitment to the cause.

Our teams in the various countries each bring unique insights into the specific environmental problems of their regions. This local knowledge is invaluable, and it helps us shape our strategies to be more effective and culturally sensitive. The experience we gain at one location often feeds into our approaches at another and improves our efforts.


Since March 2022, we have been collecting tons of waste efficiently on the water together with our local cleanup team. Local collaboration is important to us – we work together with the Cambodian NGO Re-Made in Cambodia, who organize the project with us and use our collected waste textiles for new designs.


Our local partner on site: The TerraCycle Thai Foundation has been operating in canals throughout Bangkok since June 2020 and therefore has many years of expertise in Thai waters. Together we organize the team, build our sorting facility and take care of all activities.


Ondrej and Miloš are our team colleagues when it comes to operations in the Balkans. They have already operated quite a few machines and are therefore our absolute waste collection boat experts.

Team Deutschland

Achim Staude

Brand Manager

Clemens Feigl

CEO + Co-Founder

Elke Schweitzer

HR Manager People, Culture & Backoffice

Hannah Tertilt


Helge Adomeit


Jacqueline Plaster

Regional Manager Southeast Asia

Jaqueline Peters

Project Manager

Kristina brantl

Head of Sales

Maike stoehr

Sales Account Manager

Dr. Sabine Schruender

Project Manager

Dr. Tilman Flöhr

CTO + Co-Founder


We are looking for committed people who share our passion for environmental protection and innovation. Join our team that is committed to making a real measurable impact.

Not the right job listing for you? We are looking forward to your unsolicited application! Apply at any time at bewerbung@everwave.de.

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