547.548 kg of waste

have been collected in worldwide waters so far

This is impact!

547.548 kg / 1.025.713 kg

Garbage / Total Material

Why we distinguish “garbage” and “total material”

The most common types of waste we collect are plastic (first and foremost PET, then PP, HDPE, LDPE, etc.), glass, metal, rubber, textiles, e-waste, bulky waste, toxins and more. We regard waste as a valuable resource and want to return it to the cycle wherever possible.

Wood is included in the total amount. Especially in the Balkan countries, we had to deal with large and heavy logs. We remove these “trash catchers” from the water, too, as they are often coated with microplastics. In this way, we successfully remove even smaller particles from the waters. In our mission in Cambodia, for example, you can already see from the numbers that the wood-trash ratio is much lower.

Impact: Our collected material at a glance

Cleanup Missions: Garbage

  • 2020: Slovakia: 3.000kg*
  • 2021: Bosnia & Herzegovina: 20.000kg*
  • 2021: Serbia: 12.200kg*
  • 2021: Germany: 25.000kg**
  • 2021: Slovakia: 55.910kg
  • 2022: Bosnia & Herzegovina: 35.491kg
  • 2022: Romania: 156.010kg
  • 2023: Cambodia: 240.381kg (still running)

*without weight slips
**Flooding operation in the Eifel: garbage not sold as plastic credits due to emergency situation

Cleanup Missions: Total Material

  • 2020: Slovakia: 10.000kg*
  • 2021: Bosnia & Herzegovina: 100.000kg*
  • 2021: Serbia: 30.000kg*
  • 2021: Germany: 250.000kg**
  • 2021: Slovakia: 75.570kg
  • 2022: Bosnia & Herzegovina: 65.060kg
  • 2022: Romania: 242.750kg
  • 2023: Cambodia: 259.133kg (still running)

The ways of the collected garbage

Looking to the future

We have a vision – to protect the world’s oceans and rivers from increasing waste pollution using our holistic approach. This requires an alliance between business and environmental protection – for us, the model of the future. Sustainability is not a trend, but economic and trend-setting.

Thanks to state-of-the-art technology and strong partnerships, we have already been able to remove 258,293 kg of waste from the water in Europe and Southeast Asia, thus generating a visible impact. In the future, we now want to consolidate our operations at the sites and drive forward further Cleanup Missions – with a focus on other continents, such as Africa, Central Asia or South America. Our figures make us proud, but there is still a lot to do.

Plastic Credits

The fact that we have been able to collect so much trash is mainly due to the fact that we have strong cooperations and supporters who buy Plastic Credits. Important: Our collected trash is only counted as Plastic Credits material if it has been recycled after removal.

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