The focus is on
on the rivers.

Our mission: how we prevent waste from
effectively from entering the oceans.

Our Cleanup Missions

Our CollectiX waste collection boat and our HiveX river platform are in use all over the world. We have filmed some of these Cleanup Missions and made them available on YouTube.

Our technologies

In our mission, we rely on a combination of active and passive river cleanup technologies that prevent trash from entering the oceans.

CollectiX – Garbage collection boats

Our mission is to create a clean environment in our waters. Our fleet of “CollectiX” trash collection boats actively combats water pollution. A drone supports each trash collection boat and identifies trash hotspots, while the boats themselves are equipped with sensors that can analyze trash smartly thanks to Artificial Intelligence.

In this way, we not only collect trash, but also detailed data on its composition. For long-term clean rivers, lakes, canals and harbors around the world!

Learn more about CollectiX

HiveX – River Platform

“HiveX” is our innovative stationary platform system. With its functional architecture, the floating river platform continuously picks up and safely stores waste floating with the current. Thanks to its modular design, the HiveX can be deployed in various rivers around the world with high efficiency.

The platform is versatile and a low-tech, but also very robust solution that can also work in conjunction with our CollectiX waste collection boats.

Learn more about HiveX

Why Rivers?

Rivers are lifelines of our planet that have attracted humans for centuries. As a result, they are heavily polluted and become the main transport routes for waste into our oceans.

In order to protect our oceans more efficiently, we have been positioning ourselves at the root – the world’s rivers – since the end of 2018. A logical step that brings several advantages at once..

  • No Sisyphus operation at unclear garbage patches
  • No danger to technologies from strong open ocean storms
  • Faster securing & protection of technologies thanks to proximity to river banks
  • Proximity to land facilitates transportation of waste and local recycling logistics
  • Maintenance work can be carried out more easily and cost-effectively

Award-winning solutions

Bertrand Piccard’s Solar Impulse Foundation has awarded both our HiveX river platform and our CollectiX garbage collection boat with the Solar Impulse Efficient Solutions Label. This makes us one of 1,000 solutions against environmental problems. We are honored and proud!

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