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You stand up for the environment, we take on the environmental protection work and collect waste on rivers worldwide. With your support, we can work together for a cleaner future and a better world.

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We ensure less waste in the waters.

Our mission is to clean rivers of plastic waste and thus protect the sea through technological innovation, ecological inspiration, and international integration for a sustainable future.

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You collect garbage with us and receive a certificate confirming exactly where we have collected your garbage. This way you can find out transparently how your corporate social responsibility was practiced! We can only create a clean future together.
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Taking more responsibility

One step further: Together with us, companies can take responsibility for plastic and waste in a transparent way, e.g. through strategic partnerships. Whether visible boat sponsor, technological exchange or strategic cooperation: a partnership with everwave makes it possible to turn corporate social responsibility (CSR) into reality.

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Real Impact

We use our garbage collection boats to prevent waste from entering the oceans. Artificial intelligence supports the cleanup missions to detect and analyze waste. The collected material is then recycled using environmentally friendly processes, and we also raise public awareness of the most significant environmental problem: waste pollution. We organize long-term, holistic cleanup projects in countries such as Serbia, Thailand, and Cambodia, where we ensure clean waters.

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