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The Ocean Cleanup follows our approach

It makes us proud that even The Ocean Cleanup is now using the technology that we have tested and further developed together with Berky over the past few years. Why we don't think about the competition for a second:

Study results confirmed our direction by 2021 at the latest. Around 80 percent of global plastic emissions in our oceans are attributable to 1,000 rivers. It is good that The Ocean Cleanup will now also fight against these numbers. We are all the more pleased that technology is used here, in the development of which everwave has played a key role over the past few years.

A quick look into the past. Already at the end of 2018, at that time under the name “Pacific Garbage Screening”, we adjusted our course from a platform in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch to solutions for rivers and estuaries. Not because we followed a happy intuition, but as a reaction to productive discussions with experts from science and business.

Even then it became clear to us that we can only fight the problem of plastic waste in the long term if we focus our solutions on the main sources – the rivers. “We have to look at the problem. Platforms in garbage whirlpools – some of which are the size of states – without preventing subsequent rubbish? That would have been Sisyphean work.” – says everwave CEO Clemens Feigl. HERE you can find out more about our strategy and the advantages it brings.

As a result of our realignment, we have further developed our stationary platform system HiveX and adapted it to the new challenges that rivers present us. In addition, together with our partner Berky, we have designed garbage collection boats that have caused a sensation worldwide under the name CollectiX. In the past two years, we have carried out several successful assignments, for example in Slovakia, Serbia, and Bosnia-Herzegovina. The Ocean Cleanup is now taking a similar path, making use of parts of these technologies.

“That makes us very proud. The Ocean Cleanup has made a name for itself worldwide and has played a kind of pioneering role. It shows us that we are on the right path”, says Clemens Feigl happily and once again makes it clear that there is no place for competitive thinking: “We all want to bring about positive change and improve life on earth. It would be wrong to think that we can do it alone.”

“We won’t just do away with our holistic approach until somebody solves the problem of plastic replenishment. We are already part of the solution.”

(Clemens Feigl, CEO)

In fact, we often encounter mix-ups or comparisons with The Ocean Cleanup, which on the one hand honors us, but on the other hand is probably also due to the “industry proximity”. A closer look at our approach quickly shows: Our holistic approach makes the difference.

The challenges extend well beyond the garbage itself. Inadequate waste management, environmental education, sensible ways of recycling, national and international cooperation with organizations, politics, and business – currently even a pandemic. everwave is already prepared for these fields. Through technological innovation, but also through the promotion of environmental education, constructive partnerships, and cooperation with locals as well as our concept of Plastic Credits.


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Just to avoid confusion. Our garbage collection boat CollectiX is not part of the currently communicated Ocean Cleanup solution. It’s the same type of boat, in a slightly different dress. CollectiX has been in use for around two years and has always been further developed. This means that the boat can not only adapt to the general conditions of large rivers. Thanks to its structure, it is already able to navigate through smaller canals and river arms. Incidentally – just like HiveX – environmentally friendly.

In tune with the times – sensible use of AI

Using drones and modern camera technologies, we also collect data on the existing garbage and, with every Cleanup Mission , get a picture of the situation for the targeted use of the boats. In this way we can find garbage hot spots even more efficiently and eliminate them. In general, we do not see plastic waste as the ultimate pest, but as (all) a valuable resource. The goal is to bring this resource back into the cycle as sensibly as possible so that damage to the environment can be prevented. That is why it is just as important to us in our work to take the best possible route to recovery.


We all have one big goal: to rid our seas and rivers of rubbish. We are pleased that The Ocean Cleanup is now taking a similar path to the one we are doing and using already proven technology. Because we work according to the principle of “Be part of the wave” – together instead of against each other. We are all the more optimistic and enthusiastic about the missions planned for this year – from now on also beyond European borders. We are ready!