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The new name: why we are called everwave now

For a while we focused exclusively on the oceans, but now we are taking a holistic approach. This should also be reflected in our name. This is how it works.

brechende welle
  • Our work is based on the natural cycle principle
  • everwave symbolizes our holistic approach
  • Our mission remains the same: clean rivers – clean seas

It’s one of those things about the name change: On the one hand, you all know us by our old name. On the other hand, it no longer lives up to our mission. For months we explored all possibilities – and finally decided to Pacific Garbage Screening . Why? First of all, it is worth taking a look at the past: It all started more than five years ago with the vision of a large platform that floats on the oceans and filters out plastic – Pacific Garbage Screening described our orientation at that time very well.

A wave that never stops

But we quickly realized that we had to start earlier. Simply getting plastic out of the ocean combats symptoms, but not the cause. So we started to take a holistic approach that takes the cause – us humans – into account and fits into the natural cycle of our environment.
We start with environmental education in schools, then catch plastic waste in the rivers and eventually use it as a valuable resource. Technological innovation and ecological inspiration – all of this is linked. Nature is an inexhaustible cycle.

Boot and more against masses of garbage

Nothing symbolizes this process better than a wave. It rises from the inexhaustible expanse of the sea, grows larger – until it finally breaks and returns to where it was created: into the water. Our new name everwave is the metaphor of our all-encompassing solution.

We can’t do it alone, that’s clear. You too are part of the cycle, you too are part of the wave – a wave of enthusiasm, passion and devotion for our seas. Sustainability doesn’t just start on the water, but in our heads.

Where everwave is, there is a spirit of optimism. Where there is everwave , there is change. All of this is a cycle. All of this is everwave .