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The Age of Water: The Value of Water

As part of the "Value of Water" theme, Marcella and Clemens were guests at this year's "The Age of Water" conference and spoke to a panel of experts about everwave, challenges and the first uses of our CollectiX boats.

The Value of Water – Marcella and Clemens were invited to discuss this exciting topic with an inspiring panel of experts as part of The Age of Water Conference. In her role as CEO of everwave, Marcella spoke about early resistance as a founder and the vision of everwave.

It doesn’t work without a network and exchange

Marcella was supported by our co-founder Clemens, who shared his experience of the previous operations of CollectiX garbage collection boats and the great challenge of financing with the group. Birgit Guhse (Drees & Sommer) and Frank Benjamin Lehmann (Ensinger Mineral Heilquellen) were also on the panel.

With around 1500 registrations, the first virtual conference was more than impressive! It has once again shown how important the exchange and networking of all players is in order to solve the global challenges of plastics in waters around the world.

You can now watch the 12 sessions with 25 speakers as video on demand! Simply click on this LINK, log in there or register for free.