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With everwave companies can compensate garbage holistically and clean up the world.

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Make your company a pioneer and create visible impact together with us!

With everwave, your company can offset garbage – together we ensure a healthy environment and free the world’s waters from waste. You want to know how this works? You could imagine working together with everwave?

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Our concept – together for our rivers:


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Seven Steps – this is how it works

That’s what’s in a euro for Plastic Credits

What are Plastic Credits?

Inspired by the concept of climate or CO2 neutrality, we offer companies the opportunity to offset or neutralize the amount of waste from one or more products or a free amount. For every amount a company pays, we collect a certain amount of waste from waters around the world. This is then returned to the cycle as locally as possible, depending on the mission and infrastructure.

For 1€ we take 1kg of garbage out of the waters of this world.

  • We collect the garbage with our innovative cleanup technologies: the garbage collection boat CollectiX and the stationary river platform HiveX.
  • We remove all kinds of garbage, e.g. plastic, glass, metals, textiles, refrigerators, and much more. We also remove wood contaminated with microplastics from the environment – this is not priced in, but we still remove it because it harms the waters
  • Companies can now take social responsibility – together with us!
  • On top: generate joint visible impact, inspire customers and involve them in offsetting 1€=1kg.
  • Sustainability: We focus on the long-term compensation of companies so that they connect permanently with environmental issues.

Strategic partnerships

Companies can also become an important part of the Wave outside of our Plastic Credits! For example, we offer long-term strategic partnerships that allow us to clean up where we are needed and put our vision into action. Together, this can be achieved more quickly.

For example, companies can become boat sponsors or supporters of our specific, local projects. An example of this would be our sorting facility in Cambodia. Let’s just talk to each other and figure out how to create synergies and generate visible impact together. For our oceans and rivers!

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