Our Strategy

Away from the sea, towards the rivers.
We have a new focus.

We will prevent the garbage from reaching the oceans

Rivers are the lifelines of our planet that have drawn people for centuries. As a result, they are heavily polluted and become the main transport routes for waste in our oceans.

The original concept of our platform was for use on the open sea. In order to protect our seas more efficiently, however, we are now repositioning ourselves. At the end of 2018 we decided to adapt the previous platform system for use in rivers.

After careful consideration and productive discussions with experts from science and business, this was a logical step that has several advantages.

  • We no longer operate in the confusing garbage patches, some of which are the size of Central Europe.
  • The platform is no longer exposed to strong storms in the open ocean and can be secured and protected more quickly near the river bank.
  • The proximity to the land also enables us to keep the platform itself “easier”.

What do we mean when we speak of “easier”: The platform specializes in collecting plastic. However, the entire technology for recycling the plastic as well as the accommodation and supply of personnel no longer have to be guaranteed on the platform itself.

The proximity to land makes it easier to transport the waste and it can be recycled locally in specialized plants. Maintenance work can also be carried out more easily and cost-effectively.

However, since the flow conditions in the river differ significantly from those in the ocean, we had to consider new aspects of the river platform.

Requirements for our river platform:

  • Efficient operation under strong horizontal flow conditions in rivers
  • Efficient concentration of floating plastic waste in a separate storage facility
  • Avoid damage to aquatic ecosystems
  • Separation of plastic and organic material
  • High energy efficiency in operation, ideally energy self-sufficient
  • Cost and energy efficiency in production and maintenance thanks to a simple design
  • No hindrance to river navigation and other user groups
  • Maximum flexibility with regard to different flow conditions thanks to a modular structure
  • Local stakeholder acceptance through a wide range of possible applications


Our top priority must be to prevent plastic from entering our environment. Once it has circulated, we must ensure that it does not reach the open sea.

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