Innovation: Garbage collection boat

Our “CollectiX” garbage collection boats clear waters of plastic and garbage all over the world. This is how we set the wave in motion and we ensure a clean future.

CollectiX – When technology meets ecology

Our rubbish collection boats have no less task than clearing the waters of our earth from plastic and rubbish.

Living beings and plants are affected by the rubbish and “CollectiX” – that’s the name our boats listen to – comes in exactly there and actively combats water pollution.

With around 20 tons of garbage collected per day, the worker can be proud of a single boat. But our boat can do even more. A drone supports every garbage collection boat and identifies garbage hotspots, while the boats themselves are equipped with sensors that, thanks to artificial intelligence, can smartly analyze the garbage. In this way, we not only collect garbage, but also detailed data on its composition.

In collaboration with

Künstliche Intelligenz

Data and Artificial Intelligence

We don’t just collect garbage. Thanks to our smart technologies, we have many more options!

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