How we can stop the pollution of our
seas with a floating platform, garbage
collection boats and artificial intelligence.

Marine protection starts
in OUR rivers

Our focus is on preventing plastic from entering the oceans. We start with the main entry routes: the rivers. To do this, we use active and passive clean-up technologies to efficiently collect garbage and return it to a sustainable cycle.


What does what?

Here is a little overview for orientation.

  • We are committed to ensuring that our oceans will no longer be polluted by plastic waste in the future. In order to implement this idea meaningfully, we have to combat the problem earlier. Much of the plastic ends up in the sea via rivers.

    And that’s exactly where we will intercept it. We have the technological solutions for this, we are convinced of that. You can find out more about our strategy HERE.

  • Our garbage collection boats were originally intended for the transport of the collected waste. But they can do a lot more, for example locate and collect garbage regardless of the platform.

    The boats have been further developed in such a way that they not only adapt to the general conditions of large rivers. Thanks to their structure, they are also able to navigate through smaller canals and river branches.

  • With our river platform, we no longer operate in the confusing “garbage patches”, but where the plastic finds its way into the oceans: the rivers.

    This means that the platform is no longer exposed to strong storms in the open oceans and can work safely and effectively near rivers. You can find out all the advantages and more HERE.

  • Our rubbish collection boats are called CollectiX and, after successful tests, were used for the first time in summer 2020. Thanks to crowdfunding, we were able to free the river “Hron” in Slovakia from rubbish for three days.

    Originally intended as a means of transport between platform and land, we have been able to develop the boats even more efficiently together with our partners. You can find out more about our garbage collection boats HERE.

  • If you love something, then you protect it – with this thought as our drive, we not only pursue the goal of getting as much garbage as possible out of the world’s waters. We also focus on promoting environmental education.

    Awareness of sustainable environmental and marine protection must be raised among young people. But it remains a task for all generations. And HERE we show you how we want to do it together with you.

  • We don’t want to set a wave AGAINST plastic in motion but FOR sustainable marine protection. Plastic is not the ultimate evil. It is a valuable material that can become very important in many areas of our life.

    And we will collect this valuable material from the rivers and usefully transfer it back into a circular economy so that damage to the environment can be prevented. HERE you can find out more about our approaches.

  • A drone in the sky collects data on the garbage and provides a picture of the situation for the targeted use of our CollectiX garbage collection boats. In this way we can find plastic hot spots even more specifically and fight them.

    You can find out why data collection and artificial intelligence play an important role in this HERE.