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HiveX is coming! And with great honors

Our innovative river platform receives the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution label

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A few months ago, as part of our renaming, we made it clear again: In order to protect the oceans from masses of waste, we are starting with the rivers. We want to collect plastic waste there and prevent it from entering our seas. Our project is now associated with a name: HiveX .
Our river platform has already received an award.

Every year, 11 million tons of plastic waste end up in our oceans. Rivers are the main transport route. Anyone who knows the history of Pacific Garbage Screening knows that we had the idea of ​​a platform for this early on that would fight the problem using innovative technologies.

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What exactly is HiveX?

HiveX is an innovative stationary platform system. It diverts plastic waste with a passive internal architecture using the currents of the river and stores it safely. Thanks to its modular structure, the platform can be used in various rivers around the world with high efficiency. HiveX is extremely versatile and a low-tech – but also very robust solution that can be used in most rivers, for example in Southeast Asia or in Africa south of the Sahara – also in conjunction with our CollectiX garbage collection boats.

In a nutshell:
Our stationary system can collect river waste continuously, energy-efficiently, and environmentally friendly.


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Main features of the prototype

  • Efficient plastic collection at flow speeds of up to 2 m / s – also works with waves from passing ships
  • Prototype dimensions: 5 x 6 m, weight: 1,100 kg, storage volume: 6 m3 – modularly expandable, adaptable to local conditions
  • Plastic discharge efficiency under all conditions set to at least 80% (80% of the plastic flowing into the platform is safely discharged)
  • Completely passive structure – designed so that fish can pass through unhindered
  • Can safely store up to 5 tons of plastic per day – up to 1.825 tons per year

Already excellent!

The Solar Impulse Foundation is a non-profit organization founded in 2003 by Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg. It is committed to environmental protection worldwide and awards the prestigious Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label to 1000 Solutions that the Foundation believes will protect the environment in a profitable way. We can now proudly say that our HiveX is one of these solutions and was awarded the label even before it was first used.

“What started with an idea has now been recognized as one of the 1000 solutions for protecting the environment. That makes me very proud of our team and the great steps we have already achieved together. ”
(Marcella Hansch, CEO everwave)

Hivex is in the final test phases. We’ll keep you up to date.