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Greentech Festival 2021: A successful comeback

At the Greentech Festival 2021 we were able to present our new stand, expand networks and we even had a winner among us.

Teamfoto Greentech Festival

Everwave was on board again at this year’s Greentech Festival . A great opportunity for us to present our new stand, which was manufactured in a completely sustainable manner and which became an eye-catcher in Berlin’s Kraftwerk thanks to our new design.

At the Sustainability Bootcamp & amp; Change-a-Thon Challenge also enabled students to develop breathtaking innovations on site to combat climate change. The winner was team “ZIMMUTI”, which was headed by our CTO & amp; Co-founder Dr. Tilman Flöhr was supported in a mentoring role together with Stephanie Kreiten.

ZIMMUTI wants to produce fully degradable bioplastics using a combination of bacteria that require CO2 and sunlight and provide each other with the nutrients necessary for production. An exciting project, which we were of course all the more delighted to have won.

Finally, exchange at eye level again

In addition to Dr. Tilman Flöhr, Inga Hilbig, Sonja Klaus and Clemens Feigl, who also hosted the event. It made us very proud how well our solutions were received by guests and organizers and how much attention was paid to the task of getting plastic waste out of our waters.

“Super inspiring people with the same mindset, great innovations. This creates a feeling of hope that we can all solve the challenges we are facing together. ” – Clemens Feigl

Events like the Greentech Festival in Berlin’s Kraftwerk are extremely important for us to expand networks, but we would like to draw a conclusion above all for this very special year draw: It was just a nice feeling to re-awaken enthusiasm for our mission in personal conversations, to meet people and to exchange ideas on an equal footing.