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Corporate Social Responsibility – everwave as a partner for sustainable strategy

An environmentally friendly future goes hand in hand with sustainable management. Only together can we take responsibility and clear rubbish from bodies of water around the world.

CollectiX Einsatz in Visegrad

In recent years, the topic of sustainability has shaped the discussion about economic activity. At first, the two terms sustainability and economy seemed difficult to reconcile. But the developments show that economic activity without sustainability will no longer exist in the future. There are opportunities for companies to organize their business in a more social and environmentally friendly way – Corporate Social Responsibility .

CSR means innovation potential

We all know the prognoses for climate change , plastic floods, contaminated drinking water or many other environmental problems. Customers and employees also expect companies to act sustainably and socially. If a company implements a credible CSR strategy , it has the chance to respond to market requests and thereby set itself apart from competitors.

How can companies implement CSR?

There are many opportunities for companies to implement CSR. Be it transparent and fairly paid supply chains, the use of sustainable raw materials, diverse personnel, networking with similar companies and much more. The field is large and each company can decide for itself which areas should be made more sustainable. One possibility is, for example, the support of social and environmentally friendly projects. And this is where we from everwave come into play.

Teamfoto von everwave

Close the plastic cycle with everwave

We organize efficient cleanups in the waters of this world with our garbage collection boat CollectiX and in the future too with our stationary HiveX river platform . This is how we prevent the garbage from ending up in the oceans and this is paired with Artificial Intelligence . With the help of AI, we can discover rubbish carpets and determine the composition of the material.

Both technologies have just been awarded the label of the Solar Impulse Foundation ( The garbage collected is then sorted, washed and recycled, giving it a new meaning. For example, it is passed on to companies that can use it to manufacture new products. With environmental education cases for schools as well as inspiring marketing campaigns and lectures, we are committed to clearing up the plastic problem and thus tackling the problem at the root .

In short: We deliver a holistic approach to solving the plastic problem in rivers and seas and this with technical innovation, artificial intelligence and ecological inspiration.

Partnerships mean problem solving

“The global problem of plastic pollution can only be solved together. Partnerships are crucial for this. ” Marcella Hansch, CEO everwave

Last month we were on our second successful cleanup mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina . A mission that was only made possible by Landmarken AG and through which we were able to save tons of plastic waste from the environment. Next week we will start the next Cleanup Mission to Serbia and will be supported by BABOR and the Audi Foundation for the Environment. This mission is accompanied by campaigns at the locations of the two partners in order to also take the employees on this sustainable journey.

Thanks to strong partners, we are able to implement our vision: A responsible society for healthy oceans. Because only together can we shape an environmentally friendly and sustainable future.

Thoughts about the future

The world needs companies that not only talk about CSR, but also live CSR. With the commitment to sustainable projects such as our Cleanup Missions or our environmental education case “EmergenSea-Kit” you as a company are making a sustainable statement, much to the delight of the environment and your customers. We hope we’ll talk about this topic together! Please send inquiries to