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Buna Romania! Cross-industry partner quartet starts Cleanup Mission on the Danube

Thanks to an alliance with three strong partners, a boat from our CollectiX fleet will be in action in Romania for the first time.

We have only just started our cleanup mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina, so in addition to our mission in Cambodia, the next major task is just around the corner. From an alliance with three well-known partners, we hereby confirm that our CollectiX will soon be leaving and collecting garbage in Romania. Also on board are the Audi Foundation for the Environment, BABOR, and the Ferry Porsche Foundation.

Common mission with a holistic approach

Together we will use the boat for a total of five weeks, where it will collect garbage from the water around the Danube catchment area. As one of the largest rivers in Europe, the Danube runs from Germany to Romania, where it flows into the Black Sea. It is one of the most heavily polluted bodies of water on our continent. According to our holistic approach, however, the cleanup mission is not enough. Our partners will also hold informational events throughout the year, as well as children’s education campaigns and cleanups.

The Audi Environmental Foundation and the German cosmetics manufacturer BABOR BEAUTY GROUP joined us in 2021. Together we were able to get over 3.2 tons of plastic out of the Danube in Serbia. That corresponds to 110,340 1.5L plastic bottles. With the newly won cooperation partner, the Ferry Porsche Foundation, the mission is now picking up speed, because the use of the boat can be significantly extended and the cleanup campaign intensified.

“The fact that we are entering into such an alliance with three companies from very different sectors is an impressive signal and calls for imitation.”

(CEO Clemens Feigl)

More than 11 million tons of plastic and garbage enter our oceans every year, much of it via rivers. We want to prevent the amount from trebling by 2040. The pollution of the world’s waters affects us all and only together will we find the right solutions. It is all the more gratifying for us that we can now set up such a strong “Team Cleanup” and travel to Romania for the first time in our history, help on-site and make impact visible.

The deployment is planned for April/May, around Earth Day 2022. Of course, as always, we will keep you up to date with updates and new information from the respective locations of our cleanup deployments.