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Announcement: capacura and NRW.BANK participate in everwave

NRW.BANK and the impact investor capacura are investing in the Aachen-based green startup everwave, which protects the oceans from plastic waste with its technologies, as part of early-stage financing.

More than 11 million tons of plastic end up in our oceans every year. This not only harms marine life, but also harms human health and the economy. everwave is working on solving this global problem with a holistic approach.

On behalf of companies, everwave collects plastic waste and other garbage from rivers and lakes before it reaches the open sea. To do this, the start-up uses AI-supported garbage collection boats and floating river platforms. For one euro, everwave fishes a kilogram of waste out of the waters – and in return gives a “Plastic Credit” to the company that commissioned it, inspired by the concept of climate or CO² neutrality, can compensate or neutralize its own waste footprint. Depending on the mission and infrastructure, everwave then recycles the collected waste as locally as possible.

“Contaminated waters are a huge problem that we absolutely want to solve. everwave actively tackles this problem and offers all of us the opportunity to invest in an ecologically sustainable and economically attractive project. This is exactly the right approach for us at capacura. We are looking for investments that do something good and at the same time promise attractive returns. In our opinion, this is the key to a sustainably better future,” says Jasper Schlump from capacura.

From left to right: Clemens Feigl (CEO), Dr.Tilman Flöhr (CTO) Marcella Hansch (Co-Founder), Helge Adomeit (CFO)

“For NRW.BANK, sustainability is a central leitmotif and a key criterion in its business policy decisions. The start-up everwave shows that good business ideas can be economical and sustainable at the same time,” says Torsten Klink, head of the Venture Center and early-stage financing team at NRW.BANK.

The NRW.BANK invested in everwave through the NRW.SeedCap program. In doing so, it provides equity in the form of a participation, in principle analogous to a business angel, in the same amount as the latter and pari passu on their terms. In addition, NRW.BANK converted convertible loans granted to everwave from the NRW.Start-up akut program into investments.

Thanks to the investment by NRW.BANK and capacura, everwave wants to grow internationally in the coming year and be used worldwide.
“Through our work, we want to bring about tangible and lasting change and become one of the largest plastic credit providers in the world. We are very pleased to have two strong partners at our side with NRW.BANK and capacura,” says Clemens Feigl, CEO of everwave.